II. Comparative Analysis:
Sexual Abuse at 21 Independent Schools


Number of Victims and Abusers at 21 Schools

Duration of Abuse Accounts in 21 Schools

Recent Sexual Abuse at 21 Schools

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Schools History of Abuse Reports Ignored?
Army and Navy Academy Boarding School for Boys In 1993, perp. was fired from McCallie Private Boys Boarding School for alleged sexual molestation, for some reason this did not show up on his resume when he applied to the Academy or in his background check
Brunswick School, The Not at this time
Buckingham, Browne & Nichols Assaults were admitted in 1987 but in 2008, school acknowledges that there were several reports by staff of troubling inappropriate conduct by the perp but nothing done, until he was charged with assaulting his nephew and given a suspended sentence
Children’s First Academy, Oak Cliff Charter School School was informed about a complaint that a teacher had assaulted a student on a bus, but failed to report (school failed to comment)
Deerfield Academy Investigation showed that the administration in the 1980’s failed to address reports of Hindle’s inappropriate behavior (a student in 1980s did make an allegation of inappropriate behavior and his mother also did and Mr. Hindle was confronted by the administration but nothing happened) and that in the early 2000s the administration failed to investigate when informed of his sexual misconduct—other reports of faculty who had experienced or were aware of inappropriate behavior but didn’t say anything at the time
Elite Scholars Academy Not at this time
Frost School, The Not at this time
Hackley Prep School No clear evidence that the school officials back then filed reports of misconduct—however, there is evidence to support the belief that the school’s leadership at the time did not tolerate such misconduct (no explanations of what evidence this was), also school declined to say more or whether police were ever asked to investigate the abuse
Imagine Schools at Lakewood Ranch
Jefferson Academy
Landmark School, The At the time in 1989 when the school and Bryant were in a court case, it was found that the school had actual or implied knowledge of Bryant’s abuse and did nothing to stop it—apparently the headmaster did report the allegations to state child welfare officials but did not contact the police
Maryland School for the Deaf N/A
Miss Porter’s School N/A
New Designs Charter School The abuse went on for three years without anyone reporting it, so this leads me to believe that there should be some indications of what was going on
Park School N/A (though the school asked for parents to come forward with any information regarding past behavior of perp and stated it would be contacting alumni)
Poly Prep County Day School The history of abuse seems very similar to that of the Penn State scandal as one victim in court stated that one of the former athletic directors saw the perp abusing him in a shower and simply walked away. Months after the perp arrived at the school a student complained the coach had sexually abused him. The headmaster at the time (Scull) told the victim’s parents that he made up the allegations and threatened to expel him. A football player names in the suit told former athletic director Parker and exheadmaster Williams, during the 1970’s that he had seen the perp molesting boys on at least 10 separate occasions but both responded by telling his parents that he was a troublemaker and threatening to discipline him if he continued with allegations. Finally in 1991 a former student contacted the exheadmaster Williams and told him that the perp had abused him in the 1960s, after which Williams and other school officials said they chose not to renew the perp’s contract.
Shoshana S. Cardin School, Baltimore Hebrew Not that we know of
Sidwell Friends Middle School It seems that the perp was also being accused of molesting a boy who went to his summer camp, but no information has come forward as to whether this was the same boy who he is accused of molesting at his school. According to the report, the abuse of the student began when he was 14 and lasted for more than a year, but no information of any reports of abuse or anyone who may have had any notion that this was happening.
Soldier Hollow Charter School Two separate incidents involving the perp and possible sexual impropriety at the school were revealed at a closed meeting of board members and parents—board stating that they were made aware of allegations shortly before Weber was fired in August 2012 but that the police investigations of them had not turned up any inappropriate activity—parents at the meeting were satisfied that the school responded appropriately.
Yeshiva High School Lawsuit later filed alleges that a former students who left in 1980 stated that he and his father told a high-ranking school official (Miller) that the teacher had sodomized him with a toothbrush in the dormitory, Miller failed to report he assault to the police and took no punitive action. Report details failure of administration to act on reported abuse. Former President Lamm acknowledged mishandling abuse allegations about both perps. in a letter when he retired as chancellor on July 1st, 2013.
Horace Mann School More than 25 reports of sexual abuse were received by the administration, beginning in 1962, yet almost all reports were ignored and buried or worse, students or parents reporting the abuse were misled, not told of other reports or intimidated and discouraged from reporting to authorities. In the mid 70s, a student who was being sexually abused was asked to meet with the Guidance Department Chairman, only to be sexually abused by that Chairman and then to have that Chairman take retaliatory action against the victim in the classroom. In the late 70s to mid 80s two teachers were let go based on reports but no search was made for victims nor were authorities alerted. In 1993, the administration and trustees met with the mother of a student who wrote a letter complaining of abuse by Somary. No action was taken and another victim was subsequently abused. In the late 90s, a board member reported his prior abuse by a teacher to headmaster Eileen Mullady and was told to bury it. In 2005, a survivor met with board chairman Robert Katz about prior abuse by R. J. Berman and was told the school had no knowledge because a fire had destroyed records.