Sounds like you need more information…

Like almost all members of a school community you’re lacking answers to essential questions affecting student safety at your school. For most members of a school community the answer to nearly all these questions is “I don’t know.” What can we do to get answers to these critical questions affecting our children’s’ safety?

Start with these five steps:

  1. Share these questions with other parents.
  2. Ask for a copy of the school’s handbook or policies;
    it may be posted on the school website.
  3. Make an appointment with a teacher or administrator you feel comfortable with to discuss these questions.
  4. Share this assesment tool with others in your community:
  5. Contact us using the form below, we’ll be happy to guide you:

    For more information, please see the Best Practices section of our report on student sexual abuse at the Horace Mann School for a detailed set of recommendations for all schools to insure maximal student safety.