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NYU - 2aAriel Kaminer interviewing Amos Kamil at NYU on Nov. 18th. She set the tone for an intimate evening asking about aspects not explored in other discussions: the toll of taking on the story, icons, father figures, confidences, the writing process, and the concentration and scope of what is known so far. Questions and comments followed, from the full house audience which included schoolmates young and old, former teachers, grads from Hilltop and other schools. Notables attending added details to the revealing discussion, including Judge Snyder, teachers and survivors. Where would things be had Amos not written his article?  More open discussion events are planned for January and throughout 2016.


I encourage everyone to read this new book “Great is the Truth” by Amos Kamil with Sean Elder. From the dreadful span of decades-long abuse to how leaders entrusted to protect children fail today, the tale provides astounding lessons, hidden for too long, to help every parent, spouse, student, teacher and school administration. It’s a compelling read, not just for grads but for anyone curious about what our institutions do behind the scenes to protect reputation at the expense of safety. It’s the kind of cover up the public rarely hears about in news accounts. The largest school sexual abuse scandal in America, worse then Penn State, shouldn’t ever have to be repeated to recognize the warning signs highlighted here or to confirm how you would expect your child’s school to respond, opposite of what this school’s administration sadly chose. Let’s hope that when the next incidents of sexual abuse are revealed, schools react with compassion and reach out, instead of burying reports as just a PR problem to be made to go away. If that’s the message to victims ashamed to come forward, none of them will. I learned that now is the time to ask my child’s school what they will do, before any event would make that discussion impossible.

The Report by concerned alumni here is a great companion piece to the narrative of this book and a way for a parent to begin a conversation with the principal of their child’s school.

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